Portable Telescopic Pocket Pen Fishing Rod + Reel+ Fishing line

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Position: Ocean Rock Fishing,Ocean Beach Fishing
Hardness: Hard
Category: Rock Fishing Rod
Material: FRP
Top Diameter: 1.1mm
Model Number: LZH7

Mini pocket size, portable, easy to use.
Very convenient for fishing.
Use in river or on ice
1. Insert fishing vessels into the fishing rod holder
2. Tighten and secure screws
3. pull the rod and adjust
Item: Mini Fishing Pole
Contraction Length: 21 cm approximately.
Extension length: approx. 100 cm.
Materials: Aliminum Alloy, Epoxy Glass
Capacity of the line: 0.17mm / 130M, 0.20mm / 110M 0.23mm / 90m
Weight bearing: 1000g
Color: Black, red, purple, Blue, Silver, gold
The package contains:
1 X Fishing Rod
1 X Fishing Reel
1 X Fishing Line